Greetings from Community Education

Just like everyone else we have been trying to adjust to the current reality. We are working hard to bring meaningful education to our community groups. Please have a look at the selection of the workshops
you can join in July.

All workshops are free and will be facilitated using Zoom application. To help our participants we will offer Zoom workshops first.

Learn to Zoom

When: Workshop 1: Mon 29th June 10-12 am
Workshop 2: Wed 1st July 2- 4 pm
Where: Online Zoom application

Time for you – A breathing space

When: Workshop 1: Wed 8th July 7-9 pm
Workshop 2: Wed 15th July 7-9 pm
Where: Online Zoom application

The workshops will be facilitated by Community Education tutors Teresa Clifford and Martina Dunne.

Teresa Clifford

Teresa has a background in Psychotherapy for over 25 years and has dealt in the area of Personal Development, Trauma, PSTD, and Historical Child Abuse. She has been a facilitator with the KWETB, Older Voices Kildare and Kildare Leadership Partnership for nineteen years and has facilitated courses on Personal Development, Ageing with Confidence, On Track programme, Self in the Bigger Picture and has run workshops for women’s groups.  She has been trained as a Spiritual Director and has recently added this to her practice.  Teresa believes that within us all is the power to transform our lives, to connect with our inner knowing, and to access that deeper knowing to create the bridges we need towards our own healing.

Martina Dunne

Martina has a background in mental health dating back over 30 years. Her original training was in psychiatric nursing, before specialising in Dramatherapy, which is the intentional use of drama for therapeutic purposes. She now supervises creative arts therapists, namely art, drama, and play therapists, with their clinical practice. Martina also facilitates mindfulness-based practice groups. She feels that living mindfully, present to the moment of today, rather than dwelling in the past or worrying about the future, is the healthiest way of being.

Coping with Stress while Stuck at Home

When: Workshop 1: Mon 13th July 10-12 am
Workshop 2: Mon 27th July 10-12 am
Where: Online Zoom application

The workshops will be facilitated by Community Education tutors

Sile Walsh and Dominic Cogan.

Sile Walsh

Sile has been involved in community work for a number of years and is passionate about wellbeing and diversity. Sile has a private coaching psychology practice in Dublin and is experienced in facilitating men’s work, women’s groups, and providing personal development courses. Sile provides supervision and coaching psychology services to organisations in the public and private sectors. Sile believes in the potential of the people she works with and strives to support each person in being their best selves.

Dominic has been involved in education at all levels for many years. As well as being a KWETB tutor, he is a freelance mindfulness and wellbeing facilitator. Dominic has teaching qualifications in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living and Life Coaching. Based in County Kildare, he is in regular demand providing courses and workshops to community groups, schools, and business organisations as well as to members of the general public.

Finding Rainbows Through Darkness

When Workshop 1: Tues 14th July 10-12
Workshop 2: Tues 21st July 10-12
Where Online Zoom application

The workshops will be facilitated by Community Education tutors Cecilia Ramondetta and Stefanie Larkin.

Cecilia Ramondetta

Cecilia is a teacher, a tutor and a spiritual counsellor with a wide variety of experience and interests. She has been working and volunteering in the field of systemic, environmental, social and economic issues of our times since her 20s. She generously shares her learning and practices about low impact and regenerative life styles, following the principles of Deep Ecology. She is on an ongoing journey to deepen her knowledge of The Work That Reconnects / Active Hope and to bring it into the communities she is part of, as a facilitator. She believes all humans are an intrinsic part of the web of life and when they remember it all life is transformed.

Stefanie Larkin

Stefanie is a community arts facilitator who works in a range of contexts including youth groups and women’s groups. Originally trained as a ceramic artist/ potter, Stefanie has blended Capacitar wellness practices with her 25 years of arts experience, bringing about an interweaving of her two passions. Stefanie trusts the creative process and the personally enriching potential of creativity and recognises the positive effects of holistic practices on emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing and a sense of empowerment. She believes that art-making is how people define themselves and that every human being’s creativity matters.

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