Mitigating against Educational Disadvantage Fund (MAEDF) aims to provide funding to support educationally disadvantage learners accessing and participating in community education.

Funds are allocated by SOLAS to KWETB under Mitigating Against Educational Disadvantage Fund. KWETB is responsible for the administration and management of funding within County Kildare region. Categories eligible for funding consideration:

  • Digital Technologies to address educationally disadvantaged learners such as a laptop loan scheme, IT support for devices etc.
  • Learner Assistance Fund is available to help where appropriate with costs such as books and class materials, rent and other utility bills, food essential travel and childcare costs, medical costs, etc.
  • Re-engagement with Learners through Outreach, Engagement and Mentoring Fund is designed to assist with costs associated with activities such awareness raising and services to promote re-engagement.
  • COVID-19 Exceptional Circumstances for Community Education to address educationally disadvantaged learners.

KWETB  deadline 5pm November 27th, 2020.  Details of where to send application are on the application form. 

  1. Funding Overview 
  2. Funding Application 
  3. Funding Guidelines Version.1.1.

As usual, contact us with any questions. 

3 Thoughts to “Mitigating Against Educational Disadvantage Fund (MAEDF)”

  1. Jackie Delaney

    Cannot find a link to an application form. Can you help?

    1. Susan Cullinane

      Hi Jackie,
      The guidelines and application form are downloadable and at the end of the post.
      Any problems send me an email. Thanks, Susan

      1. Jackie Delaney

        Thanks Susan. I just hadn’t hovered over the options as I was looking for a button like Community grants. Sorry about that. Works fine.

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