Following a contact seminar in Belgium in Nov 2019, KWETB Community Education was one of 6 partners representing 5 countries (Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, and Poland) who made a successful application for Erasmus funding for a project to

1. Share creative practice when working with women to tell their stories.

2. Create a resource to help women combat gender discrimination in their daily lives.

The project will give an opportunity to tutors and learners to meet others from across Europe and share experiences and learning. This will take place during one of two 5-day Learning visits in Berlin, Germany, and Tallinn, Estonia.

Due to the current restrictions on travel, we have been having some online meetings to plan and to start sharing creative methods.

If you would be interested in being part of this project as a learner or tutor, please let us know and we will keep you informed as things develop!

So far, we are taking part in the following two long distance collaborations.

Long Distance Creative Collaborations


We are working together on a shared collage on the experience of women in public spaces.  Each partner works on the collage and then posts it to the next partner.  We are curious to see the result when we meet.

Story Chain

Each partner writes one or two paragraphs and leaves the last two sentences on a common Jamboard.  At the end we will have a story of end sentences and a longer story of all partner paragraphs.  Let’s see how it will turn out…😊

You can read more here