Kildare and Wicklow ETB (KWETB) and the Department of Adult and Community Education (DACE) at Maynooth University have teamed up to offer a university accredited (level 8) Certificate in Adult and Community Education. 

Who is it for? 

The course is for anyone working with groups across Kildare and Wicklow as part of the KWETB Community Education team.  There is also a limited number of places for group leaders and staff from partner organisations who support the work of Community Education.  

What will we do? 

With two DACE facilitators, we will think about and talk about your work as community educators.  We will explore certain approaches to education that are typically associated with Community Ed and develop certain skills such as facilitation and assessment related practices.  The course will be highly participative and dialogical.  The expected learning outcomes for this course are: 

  • Understand the process of adult learning 
  • Critically appraise and apply theories of adult education 
  • Develop a personal philosophy of adult and community education 
  • Design, implement and evaluate an adult and community education course 
  • Use adult education methodologies to create an inclusive learning experience for a group 
  • Facilitate small group learning 
  • Critically reflect on your own practice 
  • Read critically and evaluate arguments, ideas, and information from textbooks and academic resources
  • Write scholarly assignments that show clarity of ideas, evidence-based knowledge, critique of subject content and competence in academic referencing 

When and where will we do this?  

As a group, we will meet six times a year, for 2-day workshops (Friday and Saturday).  Half of these sessions will be at Maynooth University and half will be in an accessible community-based venue (this will be decided when we have a sense of people’s location).  The workshop dates are: 

2019 – 4th/5th October*; 1st/2nd November’ 6th/7th December 

2020 – 31st January/1st February (2020); 28th/29th February; 27th/28th March.  

*The first block will include residential overnight accommodation at Maynooth University as part of the programme and is included in the cost. 

How much does it cost?  

KWETB is asking each participant to pay a €150 contribution towards the cost of the programme.   

How do I get involved?  

Please complete this expression of interest form.  You don’t need to have previous qualifications, but you do need to be over 23 years and have time to commit to course readings and written assignments.  Continue on a separate page if you need more space. 

Name     ____________________________________ 


Mobile        ____________________               Email ________________________  

Please give a mobile number if possible so we can text you with any class changes.  

1.  Community Education Experience  

Tell us about your involvement in community education to date both voluntary and paid work, and the number of hours per week.  

2. What sort of topics would you hope we can discuss and what sort of skills do you hope to develop?  

This question helps us get a sense of how to gauge the course to make sure it meets your needs 

3.  What (if any) educational courses have you completed?  

 4. Are there any challenges you expect in completing the course that we might be able to help you overcome?   

Thank you for taking the time to complete this expression of interest form, we will be in touch with you to arrange an informal interview where we can discuss your hopes and expectations in more detail.   Please get in touch if you have any queries.  

Susan, Camilla, and Jerry. 

Susan Cullinane (KWETB)  

Camilla Fitzsimons (Maynooth University)  

Jerry O’Neill (Maynooth University)  

Return completed forms to Susan Cullinane, Community Education, Jigginstown, Naas, Co Kildare  

Closing Date: September 13th, 2019.