Self and the Big Picture, Naas FETC

This project was set up to give participants the opportunity to explore issues such as power, poverty, the media, education, health and others both from a personal and from a wider society perspective. This allowed them to see what they can influence by making personal changes and what needs wider collective action. There were ten participants on the course. The feedback was mostly positive. One downside was that as the course was on Mondays there were some breaks due to bank holidays.

‘Enjoyed every moment of class, had a lovely tutor’

‘I enjoyed the discussions and open-mindedness’

‘Tutor was amazing, engaging and allowing of class to interact and be open’

‘Made me aware of differing opinions from people from both the same and different cultures. It made me think of things that ordinarily I wouldn’t have’

‘A comfortable, open, accepting group (including tutor) where people were their real selves and shared personal experiences. Differing opinions were accepted as that’

‘To see I’m not alone with my problems. It was great to share about experience with my own children’

‘This really helped me in getting out of bed and interacting with people’

‘Things can very much evolve from this sort of course latter on, a very good course’

‘Really nice environment and class’

‘I am really glad that I was part of this course’

QQI 5 Social Justice Principles, Network kildare

This course was run in Naas between Sept 17 and May 18. 

9 participants completed the course and achieved their Level 5 certificate.  The course covered four areas:

  1. Practice – Social Justice Issues and Principles
  2. Globalisation
  3. Perspectives and Values
  4. Action

Each participant prepared a project which they presented to their class and kept a Learning Journal to record their experience. They enjoyed the content and interaction with each other and the tutors.  A challenge faced by the group was that near the end of the course the tutor became unwell, with another tutor taking her place.  This was unsettling for the group, but with support from the replacement tutor and course co-ordinator, the group successfully negotiated the transition and completed the course.

‘I met a completely different set of people’

‘Great discussions on very topical issues’

‘Many difficult issues debated but always in a respectful manner’

‘The whole course was amazing’

‘It made me be more open minded’

‘I doubted myself for a long time, but this course helped me find my way’

‘I feel I am more capable of listening and I am much more aware at work’

‘Broadened my horizons and makes me more tolerant’