“Community Education Learners Actively involved in planning, designing and evaluating the programme”

What is Community Education?

Community Education is an approach to learning where we work with community groups to identify their needs and develop educational responses.
Inclusive, learner centred, creative, open, quality, consultative, approachable.
The Dept. of Education and Skills set up the Community Education Service to
• Enhance learning
• Foster empowerment
• Contribute to civic society.
Working on a continuum from Personal Development to Community Development to Active Citizenship
• Outreaching to groups
• Funding projects
• Supporting learners
• Sourcing tutors
• Working in partnership with groups and other organisations
• Link groups together
• Signposting progression pathways
• Critical professional development for groups and tutors.
• Personal development
• Health and well-being
• Family and community
• Education and employment
Who do we work with?
• Adults over 16 who have left full time education
• Ethnic Minorities
• Homeless Projects
• Community development groups
• People with a disability
• Ex-offenders
• Those affected by addiction
• LGBT Groups
• Men’s Groups
• Older People
• Parents Groups
• Traveller projects
• Unemployed
• Women’s groups