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Come and celebrate the International Women's day 2020 with us!

On Saturday the 14th of March 2020 in the Newbridge Parish Centre (wheelchair accessible)

The key speakers on the day are: Dr. Brid Connoly, Salome Mbugua, Dr. Jean M. Walker

Workshops: Self-care for Women, Crafting for Inclusion, Creative Writing – Women’s Stories, Community Arts

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From 10am – 4pm
Fee 10€  Lunch provided
Please reserve your spot beforehand as we have only limited capacities for the workshops.  Download the form below.
For payments and more information, please contact us at 045 881 863
or directly in Naas Further Education and Training centre, Jigginstown, Naas

The speakers

Susan Cullinane

Welcome, introduction and ice breaker

My background is in education, equality studies and counselling. I have been working as a Community Education Facilitator for 20 years.  In that time, I have worked with many groups to develop projects to meet their needs.  My interest is in feminist critical pedagogy and community education as a place to imagine a more equal world for us all.


“When de Beauvoir says:’ One is not born, but rather, becomes a woman’, it demolishes the persistent idea that women are essentially different to men, and let us not forget that education was key to dividing men and women into completely different social categories, with gendered institutions, subjects and expectations, as well as maintaining arbitrary parameters of masculinities and femininities.”


Brid Connolly

Dr. Jean Mary Walker

Presentation: 10:145 – 11:15

Are we living healthy ever after?

A broadly historical perspective and reflection on the advancement of women’s participation in key decision- making on their health and well-being in an era when the science of healthcare is better than ever before.

Jean Mary Walker went to Maynooth University as a mature student in1997

and completed a PhD in the area of the social history of medicine in that university in 2010 .

Since then she has written and lectured on social history of health and medicine, gender history, and rural and agricultural history. She is currently facilitating a course on women’s studies with KWETB

“Agency. Self –determination. Dignity. Solidarity. We could not discount the potential impact of even one such altered perspective on a young girl, her family, and, eventually, on an entire community.”


Samantha Power

Salome Mbugua

Presentation: 11:35 – 12:05

Lets Talk- AkiDwA research findings-2020 on mental health of migrant women

Commissioner for Irish Human Rights and Equality, Salome Mbugua is a researcher, gender equality activist and human right advocate. She is the founder of AkiDwA -The Migrant Women’s Network where she works as the head of operations and strategy. Salome has over 20 years’ experience of working with under-represented groups in particular women, children, and the youth, in Europe, Africa and Internationally.

Since 2015 she has been supporting the development of Wezesha, an African Diaspora led-development organisation supporting women and children who are affected, or are likely to be affected by conflicts, violence, war and poverty, with piloting projects in Kenya and the DRC. Through this organisation, Salome has been working with members of the African Diaspora in Ireland and has conducted research with women from armed conflict countries and the African Diaspora in Ireland to inform policy and the work of the organisation in general.

Salome holds a Master’s degree in Equality Studies from UCD and is her final year of undertaking Doctorate research at Trinity College Dublin in International Peace Studies

Her strong belief in equality and justice has shaped her career, leading to engagement with policy makers at national, European and international level. Salome serves on various boards and advisory groups in Ireland and at the European level; she is the president of European Network of Migrant Women and sits on the EU Expert group on Economic Migration. Salome also sits on the Observatory experts group on Violence against Women with the European Women’s Lobby and is 2015 OHCHR-UN Fellow of people of African Descent and 2010 Eisenhower Fellow on women Leadership.


“A healthy woman is a healthy Nation.”

Dr. Brid Connoly

Presentation: 12:05 – 12:40

Community Education: Showing a Way Forward

I have been an adult educator for thirty-five years, beginning with women’s studies in 1985, with the Department of Adult and Community Education, MU. Since then, I have worked with many different groups at undergraduate and post-graduate levels, both non-formal and formal.

My research interests developed from this work, with particular interest in feminist and critical pedagogy, gender and diversity and groupwork in adult learning. I think that education and particularly community education has been a force for change and it continues to provide a vision for a more just and equal future for all. 

“Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights, once and for all.”


Hilary Clinton


Patty Abozaglo

2 -3:30pm

Self-care for women

Patty (Patricia) Abozaglo, KWETB Tutor, Adjunct Faculty at the Maynooth University Edward Kennedy Institute- is a Peruvian Human Rights lawyer, qualified Mediator, lecturer and certified tutor of the EU College for Security and Defence. She holds a MA in Development Studies from Kimmage Manor Development Studies Centre (Ireland). Living in Ireland for over twenty years, Patty has vast experience in international development specialising on peacebuilding and development programmes, Conflict Sensitivity, Conflict Analysis and trauma recovery in communities affected by violent conflict. Patty has worked creatively in complex and culturally diverse environments including Peru (home country), Colombia, East Timor, Myanmar, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Zambia. As a fully qualified Laban Guild (UK) Community Dance Leader and Capacitar International Tutor on Multicultural Awareness and Trauma Healing Programme, she has run numerous workshops using these inclusive approaches as tools for empowerment and wellbeing in community development in Ireland and peacebuilding work. In 2017, she carried out research on Collective Trauma in conflict scenarios, a scoping study published by the Edward Kennedy Institute (2017).

Valerie Ryan

2 -3:30pm

Creative writing – Women’s stories


Valerie Ryan’s stories have been shortlisted for a number of awards, broadcast on radio, and included in anthologies.

She is the author of “The Story of Russborough House” which tells of the lives of the owners of the West Wicklow stately home over three centuries.

She facilitates groups in further adult education, in creative writing or communications. Valerie has also worked as a journalist for many years.


“Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.”

Michelle Obama

Trish Kennedy & Jennifer Howell

2 -3:30pm

Craft for Inclusion


Hi my name is Trish I am a mother of 3 beautiful daughters. I have lived in  Newbridge all my life. I work in Kare in Newbridge.  I facilitate a class teaching Mindfulness & I help support &  Co-Facilitate an art class with a service user who is an artist.  I have practiced mindfulness for many years and I am a Reiki practitioner. I love to live life as positive as I can even when life challenges us all I try to see the positive outcome. I love to write short stories and simple poetry about life skills and experiences. I find it very therapeutic and have been writing since I was very young. I am always looking to try better myself and try to reach my potential in life. If I can help you I will and if I can’t I will not do you a bad turn.

Hi my name is Jennifer. I am living in the Curragh Co.kildare. I am an artist. I am very creative and enjoy drawing, knitting & making cards etc. I co- facilitate an Art  class in Kare every second week and it is very successful. Recently , I exhibited my Artwork in town hall in Newbridge at a pop up Art Exhibition and I sold 3 of my own paintings 🖼🖼🖼

It was an amazing opportunity and a very proud moment . I am looking forward to continuing my life goal of becoming the best artist I can be.

Marta Golubowska

3:30 – 3:55 pm

The space in between

In my workshop I’d like to invite participants to reflect on their place in the world above the gender, social position, materialistic differences. We will be working with clay and paper trying to make the world around to be more suitable place for us.


Marta Golubowska is originally from Poland. She has arrived to Ireland 10 years ago and settled down in Kildare Town where she lives with her husband and two children.

Marta started her artistic education as early as secondary school which was art profiled, from which she progressed into Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, in Poland. She received her Master’s Degree majoring in Sculpture in 2006.

Marta exhibited her paintings in Kildare and Dublin and before she came to Ireland she had showed her works in Poland.

In 2016 she received the prestigious Emerging Artist Award from Kildare County Council, for work ‘Be-longing’ about growing roots and looking for identity in a foreign country. This becomes her first solo show in Riverbank Art Centre in Newbridge in Autumn 2017.

Apart from making her own art, Marta always enjoyed sharing her passion for arts with people of every age. She believes that everybody can think creatively and they can experience art on a rewarding level at any stage of their live. She also believes that everyone should have an access to participation in arts. She works facilitating arts workshops within the community arts practise, within the school settings, and on various arts panels.