Understanding Ourselves and Our Society
This course aimed to look at how our own personal experience and wider workings of society interact and are influenced by each other. Themes explored are power, poverty, gender, media, class, education, racism, prejudice and lots more.

Introduction to Community Education
Have you wondered what makes Community Education different from other kinds of education? Would you like to know how to use this approach with your community group? Are you thinking of becoming a community educator in the future? This course will include communication skills, group dynamics, and approaches to working with adults, developing and promoting projects that lead to collaborative action, and much more. 

Community Art: Mixed Media
Community art strives to make a social difference. The Mixed Media Course will offer an opportunity for participants to engage in communicating ideas creatively about individual and community experience within the group and on occasion to a wider audience. Participative exploration of creative processes including paint-work, clay-work, art quilting and collage will meet the needs and strengths of each group. This holistic approach will also integrate simple wellness practices. The course will integrate processes that create a sense of connection and community within the group, and include activities that generate dialogue, leading to a participant driven final project. The class is created to allow flexibility based on the unfolding interests of the participants.

Leadership for Community Groups
The course is aimed to develop leadership capacity in community groups as well as to create a space for reflecting on, practicing and gaining personal leadership skills for the participants. The course is facilitated in participatory approach with the emphasis on dialogue and a problem-posing activity. The group is a learning community

Women in Ireland – Where we are now and how did we get here?
This course will explore some areas of women’s lives depending on the interest of the group. We will explore each theme from a historical and current view. We will explore how behaviours which are unacceptable now, become fixed in society. We will discuss how they affected women’s lives in the past and explore how they are being faced up to and changed. Possible themes include:

  • Health
  • Marriage
  • Motherhood
  • Women and work
  • Education
  • Crime
  • Childhood
  • Domestic Violence
  • Politics
  • Sexual Identity
  • Gender equality

Environmental Sustainability
The purpose of this course is to:

  • understand the issues we face at this point of our history
  • build a personal toolkit for self-awareness, motivation, and action
  • recognise responsibilities and real, system changing solutions
  • imagine a vision for change
  • identify actions that can be undertaken at different times and levels