Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Adult Learners’ Festival! And well done to all the groups!

Here you can watch the replay of our live closing event. Please leave comments in the comment box at the bottom of this page and let us know what you think!

Thank you for your Feedback!

Your opinion really matters to us and helps us to improve what we do. Your feedback has been transformed into beautiful word art which you can admire in the gallery below. Click on the pictures to view a larger version.

11 Thoughts to “ALF 2020 Final Event”

  1. Orla Mc Donagh

    Fantastic Video, I feel so uplifted after viewing it !

  2. Caroline (EVE Larine)

    Thanks to everyone involved in putting together this online event it was very nice. We really enjoyed participating in the ALF 2020, we learned a huge amount of valuable information which we will use both in our community in Larine and also in our own homes.

  3. Susan Cullinane

    Thanks to everyone for all the parts you played in ALF 2020. We know there is nothing to replace face to face learning, but we can adapt for the current circumstances! So very proud and grateful to have the opportunity to work with you all.

  4. Sarah Gillespie

    So much work went into this. Thank you to everyone!

  5. Conor O'Leary

    Wow, wonderful to see and hear you all again. Well done everybody

  6. Ailis Aylward

    Thanks seems like an inadequate word, but it was a wonderful celebratory and closing event. So sincerest thanks to all at the Community Education Team for the AFL20 and giving us this wonderful and uplifting event in a time of challenge.

  7. root

    Well done all involved. Lovely film and I want to rescue chickens. Such healthy looking birds. Lisa CE

  8. Stefanie Larkin

    All looks fantastic! Well done to everyone.

  9. Cecilia

    This is brilliant, love it

  10. Cecilia

    So exciting to be able to have an online event. Cecilia (tutor, EVE Larine)

  11. Ailis Aylward

    Absolutely love the wordart feedback from the groups! Ailís SRS

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